Maths is everywhere around us, even if we didn’t
realise it before, it is apart of everything we learn and do. In today’s
lesson, we watched a few youtube videos about maths. During those videos, I
learnt that music is written based on intervallic relationships, which is
highly related to mathematics, this discovering amazed me as I have always
thought of music as something that couldn’t be related to mathematics. In
addition to this, I found out that Pythagoras, who is the father of
mathematics, is also the father of music! Pythagoras was the father of music as
he discovered the octave has a ratio of 2:1. It was also this formula, many
instrument were created.


In addition to this, I expanded my knowledge
of mathematics in nature. I found out that all nature world have a pattern of
logic, and the pattern are endless. Furthermore, I expanded my knowledge on the
golden ratio. The golden rectangle can actually be found in a pentagram, as the
two shorter lines is exactly the third line, the second and the third shorter
line is exactly the fourth line. The golden ratio also dominated the beauty of
the western world, with many of the renaissance painting using the ratio.


Throughout this lesson, I learnt a lot more
about mathematics and how it is surrounding all of us. Without mathematics, the
world would be completely different.


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