Are you a student learning mathematics, or a parent/carer?

Have a look at my lesson videos – they’re arranged according to year and topic. If you’re unsure as to which section is most relevant to you, I encourage you to get in touch with your teacher or school as they can direct you to the videos that will be most helpful to you!

Are you a teacher of mathematics?

In addition to the resources above, I have a second YouTube channel dedicated to teachers. I’ve also uploaded several worksheets that I’ve created in the course of teaching my own classes, which I hope you’ll find useful. These are not updated frequently, but I share ideas and resources daily on my Twitter feed.

The NSW Department of Education has a wealth of resources for educators working to provide remote learning opportunities for their students – you can find them gathered on the Department’s Learning from Home site.

One of the most frequent questions I receive is: how do you record the videos on your YouTube channel, what equipment do you use? I’ve made in-depth tutorials that you can see here: Teaching With YouTube and Screen Recording with iPad.

Interested in more?

Outside of my regular teaching, I’ve produced a bunch of materials to engage people with mathematics in different ways. You might be interested in my books, TV show or TED talk.

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  1. sir,your one of the best teachers i have ever seen, you make students understand concepts like no other.

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