I upload videos of my classroom mathematics lessons to my YouTube channel. If you’d like to use them to help you learn, search for the relevant topic below within the section that relates to you:

A few other points for you to be aware of:

  • These topics are aligned to the NSW Mathematics curriculum. If you live in another Australian state or territory, please use the Mathspace + Wootube portal.
  • Some topics below have “related content” – this includes videos that explain connected skills and concepts, but may not be within the scope of the syllabus.
  • In some lessons, I teach multiple topics so they don’t fit neatly into a heading below. You can find those videos in Mixed Topics.
  • As part of enrichment classes, I’ve taught several concepts that aren’t related directly to the syllabus. You can find those in Mathematical Exploration.

Stage 4 Mathematics (Years 7 & 8)

Number & Algebra
Topic This playlist includes…
Computation with Integers Ordering & calculating with whole numbers
Fractions, Decimals and Percentages Operating & converting between number forms
Basic Financial Mathematics Purchasing goods
Basic Ratios & Rates Operations and graphical representation
Basic Algebraic Techniques Introduction to algebra & pronumerals
Basic Indices Operations with positive integer & zero indices
Basic Equations Solving simple equations
Basic Linear Relationships Number patterns & straight line graphs
Measurement & Geometry
Topic This playlist includes…
Measuring Basic Shapes Length, area & volume
Time Units of time & time zones
Pythagoras’ Theorem Calculating side lengths
Basic Properties of Geometrical Figures Classify shapes; congruent triangles
Angle Relationships Angle properties, parallel lines (and related content)
Statistics & Probability
Topic This playlist includes…
Data Collection & Representation Surveys, graphs & charts
Basic Single Variable Analysis Measures of location & range
Basic Probability Chance of simple & compound events

Stage 5 Mathematics (Years 9 & 10)

Number & Algebra
Topic This playlist includes…
Further Financial Mathematics Earning, Spending & Investing
Further Ratios and Rates Proportion problems & working with graphs
Further Algebraic Techniques Algebraic fractions & quadratic expressions
Further Indices Operations with negative & fractional indices
Further Equations Solving quadratic, cubic & simultaneous equations (and related content)
Further Linear Relationships Coordinate geometry techniques (and related content)
Non-Linear Relationships Sketching & interpreting curved graphs
Polynomials Sketching, factor & remainder theorem
Logarithms Define logarithms & use laws
Functions & Other Graphs Use function notation & sketch graphs
Measurement & Geometry
Topic This playlist includes…
Measuring Further Shapes Area, surface area & volume
Numbers of Any Magnitude Scientific notation & significant figures
Trigonometry Angles & sides in triangles
Further Properties of Geometrical Figures Similar figures, geometric reasoning (and related content)
Circle Geometry Deductive arguments with circle theorems
Statistics & Probability
Topic This playlist includes…
Further Single Variable Analysis Quartiles, box plots, standard deviation
Bivariate Analysis Relationships between two variables
Further Probability Multi-step experiments (and related content)

Mathematics Standard 2

Year 11
MS-A1 Formulae and Equations
MS-A2 Linear Relationships
MS-M1 Applications of Measurement (and related content)
MS-M2 Working with Time
MS-F1 Money Matters
MS-S1 Data Analysis (and related content)
MS-S2 Relative Frequency and Probability

Year 12
MS-A4 Types of Relationships
MS-M6 Non-right-angled Trigonometry
MS-M7 Working with Rates and Ratios
MS-F4 Investments and Loans
MS-F5 Annuities
MS-S4 Bivariate Data Analysis (no specific content, but see related content in MA-S2)
MS-S5 The Normal Distribution
MS-N2 Network Concepts
MS-N3 Critical Path Analysis

Mathematics Advanced

Year 11
MA-F1 Working with Functions (and related content)
MA-T1 Trigonometry and Measure of Angles
MA-T2 Trigonometric Functions and Identities (and related content)
MA-C1 Introduction to Differentiation
MA-E1 Logarithms and Exponentials (and related content)
MA-S1 Probability and Discrete Probability Distributions

Year 12
MA-F2 Graphing Techniques (and related content)
MA-T3 Trigonometric Functions and Graphs (and related content)
MA-C2 Differential Calculus (and related content)
MA-C3 Applications of Differentiation (and related content)
MA-C4 Integral Calculus (and related content)
MA-M1 Modelling Financial Situations (and related content)
MA-S2 Descriptive Statistics & Bivariate Data Analysis
MA-S3 Random Variables

Mathematics Extension 1

Year 11
ME-F1 Further Work with Functions (and related content)
ME-F2 Polynomials (and related content)
ME-T1 Inverse Trigonometric Functions (and related content)
ME-T2 Further Trigonometric Identities (and related content)
ME-C1 Rates of Change
ME-A1 Working with Combinatorics

Year 12
ME-P1 Introduction to Proof by Mathematical Induction
ME-V1 Introduction to Vectors (comprehensive lessons by Miriam Lees)
ME-T3 Trigonometric Equations
ME-C2 Further Calculus Skills
ME-C3 Applications of Calculus (and related content)
ME-S1 The Binomial Distribution

Mathematics Extension 2

Year 12
MEX-P1 The Nature of Proof
MEX-P2 Further Proof by Mathematical Induction
MEX-V1 Further Work with Vectors
MEX-N1 Introduction to Complex Numbers
MEX-N2 Using Complex Numbers
MEX-C1 Further Integration (and related content)
MEX-M1 Applications of Calculus to Mechanics (and related content)

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