In this lesson, I learnt about the
different types of symmetry. There are 4 types, these are rotational,
reflectional, scale symmetry and translation symmetry, also known as
tessellation. Here are two of the tessellations I found interesting.


Tessellation – Nature

There are a lot of tessellations that can
be found in nature, the one I found very interesting was the shell of a turtle.
The shell of a turtle is interesting as it contains more than one type of
shape. Turtle shell includes irregular hexagons surrounded by pentagons. In
addition to this, it is also enclosed with quadrilaterals. The tessellations on
the turtle’s shell is very important as without the tessellations, the shell
would easily collapse, leaving the turtle defend-less as the shell is actually
part of the turtle’s body, with it being the outgrown ribs and e vertebrae of
the turtle.


Tessellation – Architecture.

In addition to having tessellation found in
nature, there are also a wide range of tessellation found in architecture. An
example of this is the Federation Square in Melbourne. Federation Square is
located at the intersection between Flinders Street and Swanston Street. It was
built in 26th October 2002 and has an area of 3.2 hectares. The
outline of federation square is made out of entirely scalene triangles. The
triangles are made with the dimension 1, 2, and root 5. The triangles are then  attached together in different angles creating
interesting pattern on the building façade. Furthermore, the pinwheel tiling
pattern was used in the ‘atrium’ part of the building, which is one of the
major spaces in the federation square.


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