What is the weakness of the substitution cipher?

The substitution cipher is weak in today’s standard, meaning that it is very easy to crack. Not only that but every letter is ALWAYS encoded by the same symbol, which makes frequency analysis a very effective tool.

Another problem: knowing context of the message is very useful (for instance, if you know that the text is about the types and number of airplanes in the enemy’s army, you should expect words “airplane”, “aircraft”, “weapon”, and so on)

Guesses also help: for instance, if you deciphered a part of the sentence “A cat drinks …”

you would guess that the last word is “milk” (although it could be “lemonade”)

Suggest a solution towards this?

One solution towards this is to make the code more complicated instead of being lazy having to add an specific encryption to the keys. It would take more time for the enemy to decipher it meaning more time to crack it. Using different languages or unusual languages  will also make cracking the code more difficult as it is harder for people to guess the start or end of the sentence.

By Novin Noori


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