What was the flaw Enigma Had?

The problem in which enigma had was that when a specific letter was typed into the machine, the letter would be matched up with 25 other letters except for itself. This was a huge flaw as it would eliminate the possibilities how the message was encrypted making enigma easier to crack when the flaw is recognised. The allies recognised this having ‘Alan Turing’ able to this and continued to do so until the war with the Germans was over.

What did the allies do to break Enigma?

The allies recognised this flaw having to create a mechanical machine known as ‘The Bomb’ which was constructed and made in Bletchley park. The mother of computers (The Bomb) would be tweaked towards specific setting having the letters be matched up with 25 letters except for itself. This huge flaw eliminated the very possibilities towards how the message was encrypted. Alan Turing was able to crack this and continued to use this information along with a device called ‘The Bomb’ which cracked the German plans leading to the allies victory. The making of the bomb, shortened the war by less than 2 to 4 years.

By Novin Noori


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