What is/are the weakness that Enigma has?

As the enigma is changed daily, the code is hard to solve, but there are some obvious flaws. Since the enigma is a machine, it is programs a letter to never be itself and by using educated guesses, the enigma will eventually be solved. Also since it was built by the Germans, they always write “Hiel Hitler” giving away several letters already.

How did the allies crack it and get around this sophisticated machine?

Some of the forms of cracking the code were mentioned above, but also by using educated guesses and English letter frequency, Alan Turing and several others were able to build a machine called The Bomb, which matched up letters of a message with the 25 other letters in the alphabet, eventually decoding the message.

*******************************************************************************This message is intended for the addressee named and may contain privileged information or confidential information or both. If you are not the intended recipient please delete it and notify the sender.

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