The Enigma Machine, created by Nazis in World War II, used
to encode messages ad locations of various Nazi ships. Even if the machine were
to fall into the Allies hands, they would have to guess until the next day,
when the code changed. With the large number of possibilities, it would have
required too man power. Bletchley Park was the place where the code breakers
tried to crack the Enigma, and the Nazis didn’t even know about it.

Looking for common words, regarding the weather conditions
and “Heil Hitler”, Alan Turing came up the idea to look for these words, using
a machine, initially designing the ‘Bombe’. Knowing that letters cannot repeat
themselves, this reduced the number of possibilities.

Over the years as the Allies cracked the Enigma codes using
the Bombe, carefully choosing what information to keep or act upon, in order to
make sure the Nazis do not suspect their “unbreakable” code, was in fact


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