Dozenal System (base 12)

1.      What is the purpose
of this number system, and what are its distinctive features?

The main purpose
for the dozenal system is to count however the main distinctive features that
this counting system has over the base 10 counting system is the number 10 we
know is written like an upside-down 2 and 11 is written as a backwards 3. The
number 12 becomes our number 10.

2.      Explain where and
how this number system is used today

.The dozenal system
is rarely used today but languages such as Janji, Gbiri-Niragu, Piti were known
to have used this counting system. Units of time are seen in the dozenal system
where there are 12 months in a year, 12 signs of zodiacs and the Babylonians
had 12 hours in a day.

3.      What are the
advantages and disadvantages of this number system?

People have
considered other counting systems such as the base sixteen because it would
bring humans closer to how computers calculate. Counting in the dozenal system provides
better mental problem solving using factors of 12.


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