The decimal number system has a base of ten and its numbers can be either terminating or recurring where the recurring decimal can have a repeating sequence or infinitely un-repeating. Decimal notation is used in numbers that have a base ten numeral system such as the Roman numerals, Hindu-Arabic numerals, Chinese numerals, etc. The decimal system is also used in many different aspects of the modern day, for example; finding a part of an object. The advantage of this is that it is easily linked to our natural numbers – making it easy to calculate with. A disadvantage would be the inaccuracy, as mentioned before some decimals are forever recurring, which means you have to round them off.

The scientific notation system is special, as it represents
very large or very small numbers in a shorter form. Scientific notation forms
are always written as:

a x 10b

b = an integer

a = the coefficient of any real number

The number system is often used when numbers are too small
or too big to be written in their normal form with devices such as calculators
using this form. An advantage of this system is that it shortens the time to write
the actual number, which is found to be very convenient. A disadvantage would
be that the numbers can often be misread, as there may be confusion between big
and small numbers, especially if rushing.

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