class we have discovered interesting properties of symmetry and tessellation as
we applied four different kinds of symmetry such as rotation, reflectional,
scale and translational symmetry. In past the title, ‘symmetry and
tessellation’ had been a very vague title having to think that such thing has
no use in maths.

specific lesson presented the knowledge I need to seek symmetry and
tessellation from a very different perspective in result of learning scale
symmetry with a random shape consisting 5 sides, of my choice that was made
smaller or bigger depending on the scale you chose. We also created very
interesting spiral like thing. It presented very in depth mathematics involving
a scale and rotational symmetry as well as the golden spiral in infinite

 In conclusion after observing what amazing
things you can present using symmetry and tessellation, my mind ponders through
the vast topic of symmetry and tessellation and how it plays its own role in


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