rotates you, nature, our solar system, and the sun. Maths is present in
everything the computer your reading this submission your keyboard even the red
pen you use to mark papers. It all rotates around you but is it hard to believe
that the sound waves you hear when listening to the latest Ariana Grande song
is maths.

today’s lesson we watched a TED video explaining the intervallic relationships
in music is all maths. Amazing me I wondered how this was discovered and proof
towards this as it was hard to believe. The video explained that the western
scale you play on the piano is actually made by the same person who created the
Pythagoras Theorem. The father of mathematics was also none to be the father of
music. In the video it explained how Pythagoras discovered the octave has a 2:1
ratio. It was this formula that many instruments grew out of including the
guitar and piano.

lesson brought full amazement to me having my mind to seek through many
different aspects of our world were maths is applicable. God’s beautiful
creation has resulted in maths.



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