These are the architectures and beings of nature that have become my favorite Golden Ratios.

Golden Ratio in Architecture:


1) Parthenon

The Parthenon in Greece follow the golden ratio in different parts of its structure. The entire front face of the Parthenon closely resembles the golden rectangle. Also, the structural beam on top of the supporting poles are proportional to each other, in golden ratio.

2) Notre Dame

Notre Dame in Paris, which was built in between 1163 and 1250 appears to have golden ratio proportions in a number of its key proportions of design. Although it is inaccurate to measure by a photographic source, it is possible to notice the golden ration implanted into the structure in various places.

3)Toronto’s CN Tower

The Toronto’s CN Tower, although modern, contains the golden ratio in its design. the ratio of observation deck at 342 meters to the total height of 553.33 is 0.618 or phi, the reciprocal of phi.  

Golden Ratio in nature

The Fibonacci Sequence or Series has a relatioship to the Golden Ratio. The Fibonacci Series shows up in the number of leaves on a plant and The Fibonaccie Wequence or Series has a relationship to the Golden Ratio.

1)The Shell

Shells are the results of a famous shape made utilizing the Golden Ratio called Golden Spirals. The Shells closely resemble this shape as seen in this picture.

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