Fractals are never ending, goes on forever, until the human eyes can’t see it anymore. it is one of the most beautiful type of shape that I have ever seen. Fractals can be enlarged and enlarged, part of it still resembling the original shape. Although it sounds unreal and magical, it exists all around us, like the coastline, fern leaves, rivers and tree branches. All of these are wonderful and awesome, but my favorite has got to be the Koch Fractals.

Favorite Fractal

The Koch Fractal is so simple to draw but extremely complex to our eyes. Its hexagons continue on spreading. it is extremely intriguing to our eyes, as all the fractals are. However, what makes this different to others, to me, is the fact that it resembles snowflakes. it shows the beauty of snowflakes, crafted in precise conditions in order to make such beautiful and intricate shape.


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