Music and Maths.Two totally different subjects with two totally different ways on passing the test. But, these two subjects actually have a lot of things in common if you pay close attention to how you make the music and how you do the maths. You may of heard people say that Music can help you with Maths. Usually, people dismiss this and get along with their live but really it can.

Throughout my lesson we viewed three videos explaining maths and its relationship to totally different things but the one that I thought really stood out was the relation between Maths and Music. I, myself, play music and this is why I paid even more attention to the video. I especially remember that a piece of string cut into certain fractions form the humble harp. I always resembled the harp as an unimportant instrument isolated by the other major instruments. Now I think the harp as a equation which equals to music. So if famous composers used maths with their music they used a data-bass!


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