Last lesson, I learned that mathematics is truly all around us. Our
class studied the different types of symmetry which consisted of
rotational symmetry, scale symmetry, reflectional symmetry and
translational symmetry or in other words, tessellation. Whether it’s
the beauty of a rose portraying how nature can be mathematically
described, or whether it is both the complexity and simplicity drawing
our eyes to architecture, I learned the various applications of maths.
Due to my passion of maths, I had a mindset that symmetry surrounded
us, however, the practical reasons behind how and why were unknown
before. Now my view on symmetry is much different, unique and
interesting as I have gained more knowledge of how mind-blowingly
impeccable it is. I personally highly enjoyed the previous lesson, as
I was clearly able to relate it to life itself and in addition, it
enabled me to understand the real importance of mathematics. If
anything surprised me, it was the fact that mathematics cannot only be
entirely expressed in the form of numbers, but also in the form of
nature, art, architecture and basically anything. Two examples of real
life symmetry I found where spider webs (in nature) and the Taj Mahal
(in architecture) #exploremaths

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