The Relation Between Music and Maths

The concept learnt after watching the various videos in
class have extended my knowledge on how much closer music and maths really is.
Being made to do mathematics all my life, it was definitely interesting seeing
that simple fractions and equations could be so similar to the octaves of notes
or triads played. After learning to play my own instrument, I can’t promise
that every time I play a note, several equations will be visualized and used to
my advantage like the genius musician Beethoven most likely could but it’s definitely
something that I can think about in the future.

The Philosophy of Pythagoras

 For a while I had
only seen Pythagoras as a mathematician who had been someone who has given the
rule to find sides in a right angled triangle which has only made me grieve
over my maths homework but after viewing the video I had come to understand
that he was not only someone who had discovered maths formulas but his philosophy
tells that everything in the world is  made
of numbers which is not entirely true. It was interesting seeing a cartoon representation
of Pythagoras having to secretly discover these new concepts of mathematics alongside
the Pythagoreans which only makes me appreciate that we get to relearn and
maybe improve on his findings from thousands of years ago. #exploremaths

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