Through this lesson, we viewed
three mathematically entertaining videos which connected music and maths. We
explored the concept of the Pentagram in which we learnt that you could keep
adding a pentagram in the middle of the previous one to form an infinite
pattern. This allowed us to acknowledge the fact that your mind is the only
method of thinking infinitely. Something that surprised me this lesson, was the
fact of how mathematics is so connected with music. We saw that calculating
wavelengths of musical notes, you could make a sound which was pleasant to the
ear. This is called consonance. Apart from the pentagram and how music is made
with maths, we learnt that Pythagoras’, an ancient Greek Philosopher, was the
father of maths and music. Although often arguing with Democritus about what
the world revolved around, Pythagoras was the main reason we have our music
today, not through only musical practices, but from a mathematical viewpoint,
i.e. Pythagoras discovered an octave, which is 8 keys, had a frequency of which
equalled 2:1.

The questions I have that are
left unanswered from today’s lesson, reflecting on the basis of maths and
music, is how can you construct a piece or musical score using maths. How can
you make a song which combines both influences of maths and music into one


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