Examples of Golden Rectangle in Architecture

Taj Mahal


The Taj Mahal, located in India, has the Golden Rectangle
located on the front of the building. Three rectangles are visible at the front which are all in the ratio of phi, which approximates 1.618. The three rectangles are visible in the picture above. 








The Golden Ratio is visible on the
Parthenon in the columns above of the Parthenon. Situated in Greece, the
Parthenon was later said by historians, that the architects of the Parthenon
had anything to do with the Golden Ratio.


Notre Dame

The Notre Dame, situated in Paris,
can be listed as one of the architectural buildings which demonstrates the
Golden Rectangle.  These rectangles can
be seen going vertically up and down the building.









Example of Golden Spiral in Nature

1)      Hurricanes


The eye of the storm in a hurricane, is possibly similar to
saying the smallest part of the Golden Spiral. A hurricane is strongest in the
centre just like how the Golden Spiral spirals outwards and gest larger and





DNA Molecules

Though an uncanny example, the full helix rotation of a DNA molecule
approximates 1.618, which we learnt is phi.


Spiral Galaxies

Galaxies, such as the Milky Way, have spiraling arms which equate to 12
degrees. These galaxies follow the Fibonacci sequence in which each spiral line
is a ratio of the one before it.  


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