Example of the Golden Ratio in architecture

1)    The Parthenon, an ancient temple located in Greece. The Golden Ratio can clearly be seen, dividing it  into 4 parts.






2)    Notre Dame de Paris, a historic Catholic cathedral, clearly demonstrates the Golden Rectangle, with rectangles going both vertical and horizontal.










3)     The Taj Mahal, a white marbled mausoleum located in India, shows off multiple Golden Rectangles, cutting the Taj Mahal into 16 rectangles. But factoring in the middle archway, cutting it into a further 12 sector.



Examples of the Golden Ratio in nature

1) Snail and nautilus shells have the same appearance of the golden spiral that forms from making continuous smaller rectangles out of larger ones. As shown in the picture.










2) Spiral galaxies also follow the Fibonacci sequence, where each spiral is a result of the ratio of the rectangle before it.


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