Hello class! Apologies that I can’t be there with you today – but you have some very interesting material to cover today nonetheless.

VIDEO 1: Donald Duck in Mathmagic Land

This video is quite long (about 27 minutes) and covers a wide range of topics. As you watch it, take notes on the following:

  • What mathematical ideas are presented?
  • Select two that interest you in particular and research them further. How do they relate to the mathematics you already know? Where else in the world do these concepts reappear?

You may take notes on your laptop, but you will definitely need to have a pen and paper available anyway as most of the concepts addressed in the video are visual and you will need to illustrate them in some way. Now that you know what you’re looking for, here’s the video:

After the video is finished, take 15 minutes to look over the notes you have taken and reflect on them as usual. (You should use the questions I wrote about in this post to guide your thoughts.)

VIDEO 2: TedXEast – Matthew Cross

The next video you watch is a TED talk. Again, take some brief notes (but be aware that the presenter goes through the material very quickly). Similar to before, select the two most surprising examples that he talks about and briefly describe why you think these are so unusual. Here’s the video:

VIDEO 3: How to measure beauty

Here’s the last video you’ll be watching. As you watch it, you simply need to answer this question: “Is human beauty just about numbers? Why or why not?” Answer in some detail and try to justify your response with evidence and examples.

As usual, please compose your thoughts in a post and email it to me. Some of you have kept on top of each lesson’s assigned tasks, but others of you are slipping behind – use this opportunity to catch up! (And don’t forget to carefully follow the instructions I gave you in the very first lesson.)

See you again next week!

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