SUSMAC2014BThe inaugural Sydney University Secondary Maths Alumni Conference (SUSMAC) was held on 23 April 2014 at the Faculty of Education. You can find videos of the day’s presentations linked below, or view the entire playlist on Youtube.

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Main Session

intro_judy_leon Conference Introduction
Assoc. Prof. Judy Anderson, Faculty of Education, Sydney University
Assoc. Prof. Leon Poladian, School of Mathematics & Statistics, Sydney University
teachmeet_intro Current issues in Australian mathematics education
Assoc. Prof. Judy Anderson, Faculty of Education, Sydney University
keynote_merrilyn Keynote: Equity & Diversity in Mathematics Education
Prof. Merrilyn Goos, Faculty of Education, University of Queensland
Download presentation slides
QA_merrilyn Question & Answer session
Prof. Merrilyn Goos, Faculty of Education, University of Queensland


Head Teachers

HT_jackie Advice from Head Teachers #1
Jackie Blue, Head Teacher Mathematics, Chester Hill High School
HT_greg Advice from Head Teachers #2
Greg Georgiou, Mathematics Coordinator, Clancy Catholic High School
HT_nordin Advice from Head Teachers #3
Nordin Zuber, Head Teacher Mathematics, North Sydney Boys High School
HT_eddie Advice from Head Teachers #4
Eddie Woo, Head Teacher Mathematics, Cherrybrook Technology High School

Teachmeet Presentations

teachmeet_intro Introduction to Teachmeet Presentations
Judy Anderson
teachmeet_eddie Wootube, the Not Quite Flipped Classroom, and You
Eddie Woo, Cherrybrook Technology High School
Download presentation slides
teachmeet_spyro Fraction Wall – Consolidating Students’ Knowledge of Equivalent Fractions
Spyro Kyritsis, Clancy Catholic College
Download presentation slides, worksheet 1, worksheet 2
teachmeet_john Creativity in Mathematics
John Drake, Emanuel School
Download presentation slides
 teachmeet_gabriella Mini-Whiteboard Revelation
Gabriella Di Lorenzo
Download presentation slides
 teachmeet_otis Integrating popular culture into mathematics by using Music as a stimulus for learning
Otis Chen
Download presentation slides
 teachmeet_kester Counting games for Years 7 and 8
Kester Lee, Barker College
Download presentation slides
 teachmeet_xiaoxi Online quizzes via Google Form
Xiaoxi Liang, Parkes High School
 teachmeet_dijana Pythagoras and Probability – An investigation
Dijana Popin, Pittwater House School
Download presentation slides
 teachmeet_nordin Games Played by Children & Mathematicians
Nordin Zuber, North Sydney Boys High School
Download presentation slides
 teachmeet_alvin Paper Folding to the Moon
Alvin Mak, Fairvale High School
Download presentation slides
 teachmeet_louise I have, who has?
Louise Tsikrikas
Download presentation slides

Guest Speakers

guest_johnmack HSC course selection
Assoc. Prof. John Mack
guest_nevilleweber Understanding the ATAR and Scaling
Prof. Neville Weber
guest_stuart 2013 MANSW Survey Overview
Stuart Palmer and Nordin Zuber
Download presentation slides

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