10 reasons that articles always have click bait titles 

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Because how else will you drive traffic to your site? Heaven forbid that you should actually have, you know, worthwhile and thoughtful content or anything of that nature…

5 Principles for Making Maths Inspiring

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Today I’m giving a presentation titled 5 Principles for Making Maths Inspiring: Strategies for Increasing Student Engagement. Here are some links I refer to during my session:

  1. Ben Orlin – “Practice Math Like a Baby”
  2. Dan Meyer – “Maths needs more WTF”
  3. I Notice / I Wonder: Introduction, Examples)
  4. Exploring Mathematics (stage 5 semester course program)
  5. Index Noughts & Crosses
  6. Odds & Evens
  7. The Story of Integration
  8. Duels & Secrets: Cubic equations and complex numbers
  9. Wootube
  10. Twitter hashtags to follow: #math, #mathchat, #MTBoS
  11. A Brief History of Mathematics
  12. Radiolab

What is this pizza worth?

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First, answer the questions on this survey.






Second, check out the results here.

Term 3 Summary

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hourglassWe are halfway through the Exploring Mathematics course – and I hope you’ve enjoyed learning some really interesting and unusual mathematical ideas! This seemed like a good time to make sure everyone is on the same page with the current assessments that you’re all working on.

AT1: Class Discussion
At this stage in the course, you have (including today’s lesson, listed below) TEN posts that you should have written in response to concepts and work done during our lessons. Here they are for those who can’t remember:

  1. Introductory lesson
  2. The Golden Ratio
  3. 3 videos (Beauty & Mathematics)
  4. Fractals
  5. Artwork ideas
  6. Set Theory topic review
  7. Discovery or invention?
  8. Comparing the sizes of sets (rational vs. natural numbers)
  9. Division by zero (What is 0 divided by 0? How about 0 to the power of 0?)
  10. Video ideas (today’s lesson)

Please check back through all the posts and make sure you are up-to-date. Don’t forget to participate in the dialogue too by actively discussing and questioning the ideas posted by others.

AT4: Video Composition
You have already formed your groups for this, and you’ve already been issued the assessment outline. Today your task is to identify three potential ideas to make your video about and then create storyboards for each. You must then write individually about:

  • The pros and cons of each idea
  • Which idea you like best and why
  • How you (personally – not the whole group) will contribute to the project in the lead-up to submitting Stage 1 (draft)

Happy holidays everyone!