1. What
is the flaw in enigma?

flaw in the enigma machine is that the machine cannot represent the letter that
is being typed into the enigma machine. For example, if the letter ‘c’ was
typed into the machine, it cannot generate the letter ‘c’ as the encoded
letter. This made it easier for the allies to crack the code as through trial
and error, the code can be obtained when there are no letters that are repeated
as itself.

2. How
did the allies crack it and get around this sophisticated machine?

Allies cracked this machine by using a machine
known as the ‘Bomb’. This machine operates like a search machine, searching for
the code. It generates a inter-electrical circuit. In addition, as the machine
cannot generate itself in the machine, the allies slide the code until there is
no repeated letters. Furthermore, the allies were able to get around the
machine easier as the operators in the Nazi tend to use the same setting to
send the message, therefore allowing it to be easier to crack the code.

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