What is the
problem with the encryption?

The problem
with this substitution encryption is in order for someone to use this code;
someone has to provide the key beforehand. In addition to this, using a
frequency analysis, one can easily decipher the message, as there are some
letters in the English language that occur more than other letters.

How do you
overcome this problem?

To overcome this problem, they could make the
code more complicated by adding an encryption to the key. If there was an
encryption to the key, it would take more time for the enemy to decipher it. Furthermore,
if the key was renew every day, by the time they have decode the encryption,
there would already be another key.  


This message is intended for the addressee named and may contain privileged information
or confidential information or both. If you are not the intended recipient
please delete it and notify the sender.

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