Group: Joshua Luong, Adam Tan, David Yoo

Video Concept: Documentary (David Attenborough/Man vs Wild style)

As a group, we brainstormed various methods of how we wished to present our concepts and we agreed on creating an informative, documentary-styled clip. Hopefully, the final result will project a creative and humorous exploration of various concepts of maths that are found in our daily lives. 

Ideas so far:

– Mathematical concepts used in real life (eg. cooking/construction/anything with units)

– Mathematics applied in everyday physics (eg. sports)

– Mathematically based games

– Multiple clips edited together

– Charismatic voices (otherwise it wouldn’t be a good documentary, of course)

– Filming both in and out of school

– Golden rectangles … golden rectangles everywhere

– Hollywood level acting

– Hollywood level editing

– Getting clips from different environments


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