I feel this video didn’t specifically teach any new ideas, but rather re-enforced past lessons. As an animation targeted at a younger audience, the producer incorporated many visuals, which also succeeded in gaining my interest.

The first of the mathematical concepts we learnt in class that was explored in the video was fractals/self-similarity, and Pythagoras’ findings (at least, I think it relates to fractals). With a keen interest in music, I was surprised to find that halving a length of string brings it up an octave; ie, the ratio of a note to an octave higher is 2:1.

It was also made apparent that the golden ratio/rectangle was found in several ways in a pentagram – within the ratio of the sides, as well as the pentagon inside the pentagram.

I was told mathematics was found everywhere you look, and this statement was proven correct in this video. It was made clear that there was maths in things such as chess and sport (particularly three-cushion billiards, a sport previously unheard of to me).

The animations strongly helped me to visualise the concept of the triangle in the circle, and creating the sphere/wheel/cone.

In the end, no new lessons were taught, only varied explanations of old concepts.


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