What is the purpose of
this number system, and what are its distinctive features?

ASCII (American Standard Code for Information interchange)
encodes the English alphabet, and some other punctuation characters into a
form, that a computer would be able to read, called binary.

ASCII is very noticeable as the way to convert English
letters into binary, is through the use of a chart. Each character has its set
of 1’s and 0’s. Connecting the binary from the left and then the top, gives the
binary that will work with the computer.

Explain where and how
this number system is used today.

Originally developed from telegraphic codes, ASCII is everywhere
within this modern day world of technology. It represents every single text
that technology needs to output to the user.

What are the
advantages and disadvantages of this number system?

The use of this system is that it provides an easy way to
transfer English characters into computer language. Most modern character-encoding
systems are based on ASCII. Without the use of the chart to aid with coding, it
would be quite difficult to input the correct binary code to output the desired


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