The question remains as if mathematics is discovered or invented. This question is a good one as there are sides to both but the one side I think is the answer would probably be invented. For starters, the word ,’mathematics’, is invented because you can’t discover a word. You can only invent them. But the main point why I think think that mathematics is invented is because I think that maths is just another language such as French, English, German etc. You can’t say that you discovered something that has to follow this certain rule and say it’s true just because it’s true if you follow this rule. Maths is basically just a language in which you can present your understanding much easier. For example, in the English language, the word ball represents the round object. In maths, we can say that two represents two object in a set. Sentences are the same thing. In English, “Can you pass me the ball so I can bounce it on the wall?”, is easier than saying “Can you walk over here and hand me the round object so I can project it off a stable piece of structure and make it project back to me?”. See what I mean? It would kill the younger adults of this world because they would be too lazy to say a massive long sentence when they could simply say it in a shorter way. Maths is the same. A sentence in maths could be 2+2=4 instead of saying two sets of an object put together with another two sets of an object would combine to be 4 sets of an object. So I would stick to this opinion and say that maths is invented and is getting developed everyday to make our life simple but only just a bit is discovered on basically how you would interpret the word ‘mathematics’. But, I’m not going to do that because I spent enough time trying to translate sentences into a harder way of saying it so have fun with the word mathematics!


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