Is mathematics an invention or
discovery? I believe that mathematics is in reality, an invention based
discovery, meaning it is more of an invention. Mathematics is a tool used by
humans to record, describe and explain discoveries about nature. Mathematicians
have the resources and materials which have been discovered, but they invent the
theories and formulas themselves. You can’t look around, search or discover
maths because all the elements that make it up and everything that involves it,
already exists. Maths is a language which has been invented. The truth is that
we need to create and invent our own ways to prove why something is true
mathematically. In order to understand the environment, its artistic instincts
and to engage in absorbing intellectual activity from the human perspective,
the concepts, axioms and theorems established, have been created by
mathematicians. From Pythagoras’ Theorem, to Newton’s Universal Law of
Gravitation, to Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, we can conclude that humans
have created the most intelligent and beautiful concepts in mathematics. Maths
cannot be found, searched for or discovered, it requires to be resolved using
an invented method in the form of a theorem, formula or simply a process.


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