As soon as this question was handed out to me, I immediately thought that this would be the only thing in Maths that I would stuff up. Fortunately, that was replaced by the idea of set theory test that was in less than a weeks time. But, after I had a look at some things on the internet of fractals in artwork, I realised that maybe I could have a tie with the test because many of the things I thought of like starting out with a rectangle then golden ratio-ing the other two parts of the rectangle were already taken by artists like the Primary golden rectangle by Marc Pouhe. So I started out with a triangle and try and make a fractal out of it somehow because what could possibly go wrong with a triangle. After having a reputation of getting a Venn Diagram named after me because of the complete utter stupidity of a 3 circle Venn Diagram, the now famously named ‘Kev-Venn Diagram, you could probably guess where my triangle went. Yep, now called a waste of paper and graphite. So, after that attempt of being the genius of triangles, I think maybe I could incorporate my artwork to a more correct version of the ‘Kev-Venn Diagram’ with some kind of fractal involved making something more correctly mathematical. #exploremaths 

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