In this lesson I learnt many things such as Donald duck is cool and how maths is cool

I the first video that we watched was all about Pythagoras and his discoveries. The main ideas that I took away from this were: the ratio of an octave being 2:1, how pentagons are really, really, really, cool and finally the overwhelmingly awe-inspiring, inconceivable fact that Mr. Woo just so happened to mention under his breath: Pythagoras suggested that the universe is made of numbers. Now, that may have seemed relatively anti-climactic after all of those big words but when you think about it; the universe being made of numbers is pretty darn amazing. This is especially true as if numbers, on their own, are just things that we conceive, as they are no linger adjectives for nouns, then the entirety of the universe is something that we conceive. So in that sense numbers and the universe are just like infinity; there is no infinity but it is still real even though we can not see it or ever have an infinite amount of anything.

The other things that I mentioned earlier were the pentagram and the octave. These are not as amazing as the conceived universe but they are still pretty exceptional. The pentagram consists completely of fractals, the golden ratio, spiral, rectangle and angle. Either that or it consists completely of illuminati, the devil and that angry goat thing.

Anyway all the things it is made of basically constitute to maths and here is a neat example of a supposedly infinite amount of pentagrams inside a pentagram.


Personally I think that there must be a pattersn or rule that tells you how much golden ration tht there is in a shape and that the pentagram is just the most prominent example of the golden ratio in a shape.

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