Fractals in Nature

 Fractals are everywherein nature, never ending, only as far as our eyes can see. Rivers, with theirwinding channels and weird small side ones, all relatively follow the shape asthe big one, as seen in the diagram shown in class, where taking a closer lookon the small ones, show a similar shape to the main. In a video shown, therewas conclusively no way to measure the coastline, simply because having smallermeasuring equipment yield different results from larger ones. Fractals are usedto describe this coastline paradox, making it impossible to accurately measurethe actual length.


Favourite Fractal

My favourite fractal would have to be in trees. I find treesintriguing, just spending time to watch them sway to the wind as well as wonderhow each branch is capable to grow from the trunk, and have further branches.The leaves too, seeing the patterns on them, and being able to hold ontobranches and then just fall off.


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