Where are Fractals in Nature?

Fractals are pretty
much just an infinite and never ending pattern where the shapes created never
end but finding one in nature may not be as hard as you think. Fractals can be
seen almost everywhere in our environment such as shorelines where they keep
splitting up into various individual rivers and the dividing branches on trees.
It’s quite intriguing how these natural occurrences can bear such a breath
taking form where it seems to be never ending.

Which Fractal is my

Being exposed to many
fractals on Google images, it’s a tough choice to eliminate the rest and only
choose 1, however if I had to choose a fractal that I could spend my whole life
with it and it only, it would have to be the Romanesco
broccoli. It may not look like the most colourful fractal however it’s edible.
An edible fractal is all I need to make my life complete. With every mouthful
of this broccoli, its like you are consuming infinity and with that reasoning,
I don’t think any other fractal could ever be contested with the Romanesco


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