Today in our lesson, we studied the magic and beauty of fractals. We studied how to find the length of a coastline but the result was it is infinite. This is due to the length and actual size of the measuring tool you use. The smaller the length of the tool, the larger the coastline length will be. 
We also studied fractals, such as the Apollonian Gasket in which a shape, drawn out of circles, could be made into a fractal which was infinite. Examples of fractals in nature include: the lightning bolt, shrubs and bushes, the veins on a leaf and sometimes trees.

My favourite fractal is the lightning bolt. This is because a lightning bolt is so bold, it seems it needs to be infinite. We look into the world around us, we are surrounded by fractals and symmetrical figures. Although we don’t always notice them at first, looking deeper into it can help explore the beauty of the object.


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