In class we studied some videos which described the way mathematics
is incorporated into the modern world – how math can be used in music and a game
of billiards.

It is interesting to see how music, something that we
constantly hear is mostly derived from pitch frequencies that make up geometric
series. It makes me surprised that it is possible for all the different types
of instruments and their beautiful pieces to be created from maths. Music and math
is not commonly associated with each other and to me I find it very fascinating
that they are a pair that must go together. Although this interests me, I have
very little knowledge about music (as I don’t play any instruments or sing) and
so therefore it makes me slightly confused. Even when I face a problem like
this, it doesn’t make too much difference and I am able to understand the
meaning of the videos.

In another video, we watched how the game billiards is
played using mathematical strategies. For my first impression, I was rather
confused as it appeared complicated by the heavy reliance of angles for the
strategies. I was also unsure of what was explained at first since I did not
understand how to play that game, but soon it was explained and I began to
understand. When I understood, the way the game was played made it seem like a
very hard game of techniques and mathematical strategies. I was fascinated to
see the way that the table was created – with all the markings that aid in the
strategies of a player. 

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