Golden Ratio – Nature

1. Pinecones- The seed pods on a pinecone are in golden
ratio as each pair of spirals are in the cone, spiral upwards in different
directions, taking steps which will match a pair of consecutive Fibonacci

2. Tree Branches – the golden ration is shown through the
way tree branches split. When the tree grows old enough to grow branches, it
will split into two, then one of the two will split again, while the other is
to remain dormant.

3. Spiral Galaxies – the shape of the galaxies is
following the golden ratio as each of the spiral arms has a logarithmic spiral
of about 12 degrees. This relates to the golden ratio as it logarithmic spirals
are golden ratio spirals which appear in nature.


Golden Ratio – Architecture

1. Mobius Strip Temple – it is a Buddhist temple made out of
unique geometric shapes that has no orientation.

2. Tetrehedral Shaped Church – a complex pyramid in the
shape of a Tetrehedral, which is a convex polyhedron with four triangular

3. A mathematically- inclined cucumber in the sky – it is
a building in a shape of a cucumber with 41 floors and is 591 feet tall. In order
to create this tower, many mathematical equations and formulas were used.

The golden ratio can be seen almost every where around the world, if the golden ratio didn’t exist, it would be affecting many both in nature and architecture.

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