1. Research 2-3 examples (architecture)

The Taj Mahal: The Taj Mahal is located in India and is a
Mausoleum made from white marble. The design of the building is shown to use
the golden ratio in the width of the grand central arch and the heights of the
windows inside the arch shown in the picture below.

Notre Dame: The Notre Dame is located in Paris, France and
is a historic Catholic cathedral. The golden ratio is shown in the height of
the building and also seen in the structure of the columns at the top. Each of
the 3 golden ratio used is difference in proportion to each other.

The Parthenon: The Parthenon is
located in Athens, Greece and was a temple, which was dedicated to a Greek
Goddess, Athena. Even if the Parthenon was constructed with the golden ratio
proportions, people argue whether if the ratio was intended or whether it a
mere coincidence.  The golden ratio
can be seen across all the parallel pillars making 1 golden rectangle.

2. Research 2-3 examples (nature)

Spiral Galaxies: The Golden ratio has no limits and
can see seen in the spiral of the galaxies, which include our milky way. 

The Human Face: Even if
everyone’s face is unique, the average human face tends to be close to the
golden ratio. The eyes, lips and forehead all resemble the golden ratio.  Apparently the closer our faces look
like “phi” the more attractive we look. Very faceinating!


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