1. Research 2-3 examples (architecture):

The Parthenon uses the golden ratio to make up height and length of the building, including the columns that hold it up. Although it is assumed to use the golden rectangle’s proportions, it is debated that The Parthenon was not built based upon the golden rectangle or spiral.

The Notre Dame is known to have a number of golden ratio proportions in it’s main designs. The bottom is the biggest golden rectangle, and then the sizes gradually become smaller golden rectangles. The Notre Dame is a very clear example of the use of the golden rectangle.

The UN Secretariat Building, like The Parthenon, is also debated whether or not the golden rectangle was used. Although the clear rectangular shape of the building makes it highly likely to be built based on the golden ratio, it is also assumed to have used the proportions of the human body (based on Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man).

2. Research 2-3 examples (nature):

The human body has a divine proportion. the entire height of a person (from head to toes) can have golden ratios. The golden section of the entire height would reach from the head to the fingertips. Then the golden ratio of that would be from the head to the navel etc. and it keeps going.

Sea shells also have the same dimensions, measuring from the outermost spiral growth, and gradually getter smaller as it closes into the innermost spiral growth.

In a dolphin’s body and fins, they also carry a similar dimension to the previous two examples. The length from the dolphin’s tail to the head corresponds to the section’s of the dolphin’s tail.



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