Hello! this is a catch up on the 3 video lesson!

1. Donald duck in Mathmagic land

This video was a great fun to watch as it present mathematical ideas including

How numbers can be easily found in nature (physical world)

The world is made up of simple shapes

Pythagoras’ theories

The pentagram and golden rectangle and their amazing stories

Maths needed for the creation of equipments

Thinking mathematically

The two ideas that I found interesting were the pentagram and maths was a vital part of music. Apart from the fact that the golden ratio can be found in a pentagram (Golden ratio is in everything I swear 🙂 ), I found out that the pentagram is also a symbol for many other things. For example, the points of a pentagram can represent the elements fire, water, wind, earth and spirit. Another idea I researched further into was how maths help design and produce music.  Maths has helped fine tuned the notes of the instruments and also provide a sense of rhythm for music.

2. TED talk

The TED talk provide an interesting overview of how maths is beautiful. The 2 things that I found surprising and unusual are the fact that the golden ratio is actual everywhere. I knew it was everywhere but I truly did not know it was LITERALLY everywhere! From the video he talked about how the golden ratio can be found our body parts and even on the painting of Mona Lisa.

3. How to measure the beauty of mathematics

“Is human beauty just about numbers?”

I think not. Now many can argue that physical beauty can be related to maths and it may enhance the physical feature. However, I believe that human beauty is more that what meets the eye. Human beauty is made up of both physical features and also their personality, I think that personality may  be one of the only things that cannot be interpreted through numbers. Therefore, I don’t believe human beauty is just about numbers.



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