Feedback on the videos: All of them were very interesting.

1) Donald Duck in Mathmagic land- This video was very long, almost half an hour BUT it was very interesting too.

One thing that really surprised me was how music is related to Pythagoras. It would’ve taken ages to work that out.

Another thing that surprised me was that billiards uses so much maths. The player needs to be really good with angles and needs to know the diamond system. Its incredible.

2) TedXEast- Matthew Cross- This video had a lot of interesting examples of the golden ratio and it was hard to choose only two.

The first one that surprised me was the fact that twitter and other popular websites used it. I never knew that the inventors of these websites would be so mathematical. Why would these inventors spend so much time and care about a random ratio when they need just need to make the website look attractive and useful.

The second example which surprised me was Michael Jackson’s Thriller video. It would’ve probably been a co-incidence but the fact that people go really deep into these topics is just amazing.

3) Pythagoras: How to measure beauty- I think that Human beauty is not at all about the physical appearance or numbers for that matter. I believe that it is to do with your personality and beliefs.


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