Donald Duck in Mathmagic Land:In this video, the ideas of maths being presented were how maths was in music and also a variety of games. I never knew there was more to Pythagoras other than his triangle theorem! I also found it interesting that games would include mathematical concepts, such as Billiards. I wonder if we can use maths to solve other games which involve logic, such as Minesweeper? haha

TED talk:

I was surprised when he said the Apple logo was designed based on the Golden Ratio. I never realised Apple put that much thought into making their logo. I also found it surprising that a section of DNA also has the Golden Ratio.

How to measure beauty:“Is human beauty just about numbers? Why or why not?”
No, I don’t think human beauty is just about numbers. As human beings we have personalities which define us as much as our physical appearance does, if not more importantly. More than just numbers count towards human beauty.

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