The videos were both funny and a little bit dull on the third video.

For the first video, Donald Duck in Mathmagic Land, ideas that surprised me were mostly about the golden ratio. It was interesting how Pythagorus theorem is related to the music today such as octaves and some sports that we play such as soccer. All of these ideas in the video are mathematical as it is all related to the golden rectangle/ratio, or also known as Phi.

For the second video, Ted talk, was again about Golden Ratio. The most surprising examples that was spoken was nearly everything in our life is based on the golden ratio. Also, when I saw that plastic surgeons use the golden ratio, I was suprised.

For the last video, I think human beauty is what you want it to be, its really a matter of personal opinion. But personally I believe that human beauty is about whats on the inside, which is a little bit more complex for simple numbers to explain. I found it interesting that plastic surgeons can use maths to create the “perfect” face. Same as the previous paragraph. (This was a really boring one…..) 🙂



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