Video 1- Donald Duck

This video basically made us go to mathematics land with Donald Duck and explore how math is not only about numbers but it is fun. The video talked about how math is in everyday life such as nature, music and games. The math in music and how the octave had a ratio of 2:1 and that Pythagoras decided to form the harp in different ratios to produce different sounds. Also the music scale today is based of what Pythagoras formed years and years ago. Also the math used in games such as pool and that its not all about power about the tactics. I used to play pool but I never used to think pool was that tactical.

Video 2 – TED Talk

The most surprising thing about that video for me was when the person said that Pythagoras had found the beauty in the universe. I literally sat there shocked because I really didn’t believe it was possible to find the actual beauty of the whole universe. Also at that time in BC’s it was really hard to do anything with limited tools compared to now but everyone then laid the foundations for now

Video 3 – How to measure beauty

When I was watching I did believe that beauty was based of numbers, but as the video proceeded my opinion began to change to no because of the examples and how many structures include the golden ratio. 

#exploremaths #eets

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