The videos were both funny and interesting as we got to learn a lot from it.

For the first video, Donald Duck in Mathmagic Land, ideas that surprised me were mostly about the golden ratio. It was how Pythagorus theorem is related to the music today and some sports that we play football. All of these ideas in the video are mathematical as it is all related to the golden rectangle/ratio.

For the second video, Ted talk, was again about Golden Ratio (man Golden Ratio are very interesting). The most surprising examples that was spoken was nearly everything in our life is based on the golden ratio. Also, when I saw that plastic surgery uses the golden ratio, I was shocked. These two examples are unusual because we never see them in right way or feel very little things in our lives.

For the last video, I think human beauty is not only about numbers, because sometimes when people have really beautiful face, doesn’t mean they are kind and grateful inside. It doesn’t matter if a person looks beautiful but unless they clean inside (numbers cannot prove this), for us their is nothing good in them.


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