In this lesson, I learnt what is the golden ratio about, I heard about it long time ago ago but I never knew what does it mean and what is it. After watching all the videos that you provide us, I felt so amazed that everything in my life could be so mathematical!! Even all sorts of ball games, our bodies and music.

For the first video, Donald Duck in Mathmagic Land, ideas that were presented were mostly about the golden ratio, like how Pythagorus theorem is related to the basis of music today, also different kind of ball games like baseball, basketball, football, etc. They are all mathematical and were based on the golden rectangle. 

For the second video, Ted talk: Golden Ratio, the most surprising examples that the speaker said is that all the things in our life are based on the golden ratio, like Apple, the logo of a bitten apple, was designed according to the golden ratio. Also, when I saw that the design of websites like twitter is also based on the golden ratio. These two examples are unusual because they are very little things in our lives that we may actually not realise their existence. 

For the last video, how to measure beauty, the question that i have to answer is “is human beauty just about numbers? why and why not?” I think human beauty is not only about numbers, because sometimes when people have really beautiful face, doesn’t mean they have beautiful hearts, if a person does bad stuff, it already doesn’t matter how beautiful is that person, because their heart is ugly.


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