Today I found some of the ideas explored in the videos quite interesting.

In the first video the ideas that were included were how maths is related to music, nature and games, often relating to the golden ratio. I found it quite interesting that pentagrams contained the golden ration many times within them, and how it even divides some lengths up further into the golden ratio. I also liked how something that is half the length of another produces a sound one octave higher, and hence a quarter two octaves and so on.

In the second video I found it surprising that the golden ratio and spiral is often used in website design, which makes sense to appeal to users. I also found it interesting that the golden ratio can be found in our DNA, and is also linked to energy transfer in the universe, which is why it is found in waves, hurricanes, patterns of particles and galaxy arms.

For the third video I had to answer ‘Is human beauty just about numbers? Why or why not?’. I don’t believe that human beauty is just about numbers. This is because that physical beauty cannot simply be based off numbers, specifically the golden ratio. Even if someone is made in ‘perfect’ proportions, they may not appeal to everyone. Additionally, beauty is not just physical. True beauty in people involves non-physical concepts such as personality and intelligence. Therefore human beauty is not just about numbers.


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