Good day to y’all,
Ever since the very first lesson, i am itching to go to the next one. Never had I thought that Mathematics would be this intriguing or interesting, but the mathematically-right answer on the board that was staring me in the face made me question everything about maths. Is -1/12 truly a value we can place on the sum of all natural numbers, against the logic that we are ADDING POSITIVE numbers? An unexpected outcome and one which excites me about the rest of this course. I learned that there is always something new to learn, and that when it comes to mathematics, you shouldn’t underestimate its value and complexity.
Looking through the list, the topic on Paradoxes and also the one on Cryptography caught my eye. I want to learn more about paradoxes simply because of the mystery surrounding them, like an unsolved crime. Cryptography would be a new thing to me, so i look forward to the topic.

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