Form our first lesson of
Exploring Maths I learnt that maths is quite a creative subject. What may
appear at first obvious, at second glance may turn out to be quite fascinating.
Just as the proof that we were presented with on our first day which showed
that 1+2+3+4+5….to infinity=-1/12. The idea at first seemed dumbfounding;
however the proof made perfect sense. I’d always thought math to be a
subject that was logical, structured and definite. But, I have learned it’s
quite the opposite. Surprisingly, it can often be illogical, infinite and

The topic of paradoxes immediately
grabbed my attention. Paradoxes generally intrigue me. The simple fact that a
question, especially in a subject like maths, doesn’t have a definite answer seems
exciting. In a strange way I want maths to baffle and amaze me. Looking forward
to it making me think.


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