I am currently Head Teacher Mathematics at a comprehensive public school in Sydney, Australia. Since November 2012, I have uploaded videos of my actual classroom lessons to Youtube to share learning resources with the world. You can view a brief introduction to my channel, watch a lengthier (7 minute) presentation that explains some of my motivation for doing this, or hear a detailed (16 minute) explanation about the flipped classroom concept.

Main channel: youtube.com/misterwootube
Second channel: youtube.com/misterwootube2 (for teachers)
Twitter: twitter.com/misterwootube
Facebook: fb.com/misterwootube
Instagram: instagr.am/misterwootube
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/misterwootube
Google+: google.com/+misterwootube

2018 Australia’s Local Hero
National ceremony – 25 January 2018
Media scrum – 25 January 2018
ABC News Breakfast – 26 January 2018
Sunrise – 26 January 2018
TODAY Show – 26 January 2018
Sky News – 26 January 2018
Eddie and his Wootube channel win Australia Day recognition – ABC News
Wootube helps Sydney maths teacher scoop Australian Local Hero award – SBS News
The Australian teacher changing lives across the globe – 4BC Brisbane radio
Maths teacher Eddie Woo is Australia’s Local Hero – ABC Radio National
Cherrybrook Technology High School teacher wins Local Hero award – Hills News
Teaching needs a lift in status – Sydney Morning Herald
2018 Top 10 Global Teacher Prize
Announcement video – Varkey Foundation
Eddie Woo named ‘among world’s top 10 teachers’ – The Australian, 15 Feb 2018 (direct link, may lead to paywall)
Woo-hoo! Eddie could scoop $1.2m education prize – Daily Telegraph, 14 Feb 2018
Eddie Woo on reducing students’ maths anxiety – Teacher Magazine, 15 Feb 2018
Aussie Teacher Named As One Of The World’s Top 10 Educators – 2DayFM interview, 15 Feb 2018
Eddie Woo in Top 10 Teachers – Schools Plus
Global Teacher Prize 2018 Top 50 finalists announced – Teacher Magazine
Teachers in the running for Global Prize – The Educator
2017 Commonwealth Bank Teaching Fellowship
Videos woo students – Hills News
More Than Numbers – The Australian Education Reporter
2017 Sydney University Alumni Award: Outstanding Achievements for Young Alumni
2016 CHOOSEMATHS Teacher Excellence Award
Excellence award for Wootube master – Hills News
2015 Premier’s Prize for Innovation in Science and Mathematics Education in NSW

Television features
Channelling Mr. Woo – Australian Story 1 May 2017
Channelling Mr. Woo² – Australian Story refreshed episode 19 March 2018
Eddie Woo changing the face of mathematics teaching – ABC News 1 May 2017
BBC World News – 22 March 2018
Studio 10 – 31 January 2018
The Drum – 22 January 2018
National Wrap – 25 February 2018
Jones & Co – 30 January 2018
SKY News – 20 January 2018
The AM Show (New Zealand) – 10 May 2017
Weekend Sunrise – 8 May 2017
“A Teacher Changed My Life” on SBS Insight (7 March 2017 – full episode available)
The 7:30 Report (9 December 2016 – transcript available)

News Coverage
2018 Australia Day Address (23 January 2018 – transcript available)
A lesson from Eddie Woo: Be a mathematician on Australia Day – Sydney Morning Herald
Why Eddie Woo used Australia Day to bring us all together – Daily Telegraph
ABC News on the 2018 Australia Day Address
Let educators get on with actual teaching – Opinion piece
Australia Day Address delivered by Youtube sensation – University of Sydney
Ranked 3rd Most Powerful Education Influencer in the Australian Financial Review (direct link, may lead to paywall)
Eddie Woo visits Warrnambool to share knowledge – Warrnambool Standard 21 May 2018
‘He Woo-ed us’: Rockstar maths teacher makes magic in Canberra schools – Canberra Times 14 May 2018
Kooringal High hosted Eddie Woo the ‘super’ maths teacher for a workshop with students – Daily Advertiser 8 Mar 2018
Eddie Woo scores roving role to teach the teachers how to inspire – Daily Telegraph 6 Mar 2018
YouTube maths sensation Eddie Woo wows crowd at James Fallon High School – Border Mail 9 Mar 2018
The teacher you wish you had: Woo wows audiences in Griffith – Area News 8 Mar 2018
Faith & Formulae: A Chat with Eddie Woo, Maths Teacher & Youtube Star (Hope 103.2 interview 5 Jun 2017)
Celebrity maths teacher on how to get smart kids into teaching – 2016 Profile in the Sydney Morning Herald
Wootube your way to better results in mathematics – Profile in The Australian (direct link, may lead to paywall)
Eddie Woo’s maths program Wootube proves a hit – 2015 Profile in the Sydney Morning Herald
Profile in the Berliner Morgenpost (web page is in German)
“What makes a good teacher?” Article featuring me in The Australian (direct link, may lead to paywall)
Sydney teacher Eddie Woo’s mathematics videos made him a viral sensation – Herald Sun Kids News

It Takes A School – opinion editorial published by The Guardian
A Design For Life – cover feature published by Times Educational Supplement

Why Maths Matters – my interview of Steven Strogatz on What Keeps Me Awake for ABC Radio National
Radio interview 10 Oct 2016 – recorded live on 702 Mornings with Wendy Harmer
ABC Sydney: Drive radio interview 1 May 2017 – interviewed by Richard Glover
ABC Melbourne: Afternoons interview 1 May 2017 – interviewed by Clare Bowditch
ABC Darwin: interview 1 May 2017 – interviewed by Lyrella Cochrane
2CC Canberra interview 4 May 2017 – interviewed by Tim Shaw
ABC Radio National – interview on Life Matters with Natasha Mitchell
What Works Best with Eddie WooCESE podcast
Audio from an interview I gave for the TER Podcast on maths education
Interview with Louka Parry and Maddy Scott-Jones for the Educhange Podcast
Interview with Monica Samayoa for 2SER 107.3FM
Interview with Robbie Buck for ABC Sydney: Breakfast
Interview with Ross Greenwood and Charlie Brown for Money News

Magazines & other press
Maths is beautiful… wait, what? – Eternity News
Hate mathematics? Eddie Woo’s WooTube might just be what you are looking for to make Maths fun – International Business Times
Meet Australia’s most famous maths teacher – News.com.au
This inspiring teacher’s ‘Wootube’ channel is making math fun again – Mashable
Story of a legendary teacher – Careers with STEM
How good your child is at maths has less to do with ability, and more to do with you – Mamamia
Mister Wootube: a virtual master – Australian Teacher Magazine
Profile by Australia Plus (includes video in English and Indonesian)
Profile in Future Leaders magazine
Profile in Sydney Observer magazine
ABC Splash: Profile / How parents can encourage their kids to love maths
Profile by NIU Schools (web page is in Chinese)
Interview with Sydney University Alumni Connections
Recording of a talk I gave at Google’s office for their Google@School conference in 2013
Video of a webinar for Scootle Community when I was one of the guest presenters
Storify • #ozftchat Nov 2014 (Twitter chat) that I hosted
Storifypart 1part 2 of #aussieED Jul 2015 (Twitter chat) that I hosted
Storify#PSTchat Mar 2017 (Twitter chat) where I was a guest
Meet the Aussie teacher who’s making maths go viral – Nickelodeon Jr.
Australia’s Most Famous Maths Teacher is an Asian Dude – YOMYOMF
Australia’s Best Math Teacher is a Super Fly Asian Man – NextShark
Eddie Woo is the coolest maths teacher ever – A* Magazine
Presenter profile at Centre for Professional Learning
Have Spencer and Woo problems for you
And then there was that one time I was featured on 9GAG



7 thoughts on “About

    Huseyin said:
    December 9, 2015 at 3:16 pm

    Hi Eddie

    I just want inform you that i will be publishing a website about hsc but can i link your youtube videos to my website.


      Eddie Woo responded:
      December 10, 2015 at 5:45 am

      Go right ahead. I’d love to see a link to your site after it’s done!

    Huseyin said:
    April 13, 2016 at 10:37 am

    Hi Eddie
    Its me again, the site is nearly completed. The site is called ACEHSC.NET

    I have put your videos on the maths page of the page.


    Tushar said:
    June 21, 2016 at 5:03 am

    Love from India …. Carry the good work

    Mohammad Alsharani said:
    October 25, 2016 at 6:55 am

    Good job,

    Ryan Klassy said:
    February 19, 2017 at 6:41 am

    Unbelievable quality. By far the best math series on youtube. I can’t believe I am only just now finding this!!! Thank you so much.

    Darin said:
    May 1, 2017 at 8:29 pm

    Hi Eddie, watching ABC. Just wanted to say congratulations and well done. World needs more of ya!

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